Michael Vick

February 12, 2009

How does the article make you feel about Michael Vick? Do you think Vick should be allowed to play in the NFL again once he gets out of prison? Would you want him to come play for the 49ers (or your favorite team if it’s not the 49ers) when his jail sentence ends? Why or why not? How do you think the people of San Francisco would treat him?

           Micheal Vick make me sick  because how could he  do  things like that , that was very mean of him . Just because of a stupid  joke  and  need  to kill  innocent animals , i  think he is like dont care anybody other  than  himself , and like there is no rule  in this world , just like the hundred of years ago . people in the old days , just do what ever  they want like killing animals and  humans just because  they dont like  them or  they do something that make you  mad . and you  just kill  them  like nothing  happen , if you are very rich and think  anything  can solve  by  money .  But now people  arent  like  that  anymore , well , most  of  them .

              I  do NOT think  he  should  keep  play  in NFL  after  he  get out  of  jail . And i do not want  him come  to play  with 49ers  or another team . Because  if he cant respect  animals then he cant respect anyone else . so thats why i think he  shouldnt  paly  any games .


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